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Janis is a Ringtail Mosaic female with an amazing tail.   She is 50% het for both Creme~ino and Leucistic.  Here is a link to her lineage:


  • COLOR:  Ringtail Mosaic
  • HET: 50% het for Leucistic & Creme~ino
  • OOP DATE: 10/23/17
  • PARENTS: Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach
  • GENDER: Female
  • STATUS: Available

Special Remarks:

Amazing tail.  From both BB & Pied Lines.

Pet Price $349.  Contact me on breeding price.

Don’t ever let us be alone.   Sugar gliders are colony animals and should never be kept by themselves.  A lone glider can suffer from stress which can lead to depression, sickness and possible self mutilation.  Often times, a lone glider will refuse to bond with a new owner until they get a buddy for them.   We at My Little Sugar Glider do not believe that gliders should ever be alone.   It is not our policy to sell just one sugar glider, unless you already have one at home in need of a like-aged companion.

I do have a policy regarding the selling of females at the pet only price.   Either you also purchase a male that my vet can neuter as her companion, or if you already have a male in need of a like-aged companion, you will provide me with a document from a qualified Veterinarian stating that the male is neutered.  No exceptions.


Pet Price $349



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