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Solo is a Mahogany Red Mosiac Male, who is 66% het for Creme~ino and 33% het Albino.  He comes from a Mahogany Red Mosaic Father and a Cedar Red Mother.  His uncle is my Crimson.  Solo does have red eyes.

Here is a link to his lineage:


  • COLOR:  Mahogany Red Mosaic
  • OOP DATE: 01/05/18
  • PARENTS: Obi Wan and Hepburn
  • GENDER: Male
  • STATUS: Available

Special Remarks:

Solo will be safe to neuter towards the end of March.

Pet Price $399.  Contact me on breeding price.

All males sold as “Pet Only”, will receive a laser neuter by my vet.  Laser neuters are far superior to other types of neuters in which it is sealed closed by the laser and we will have less of an chance infection.  They also tend to heal quicker.   Neuter is included in price.   Males must be 12 weeks out of pouch and fully descended in order to neuter safely.

Don’t ever let us be alone.   Sugar gliders are colony animals and should never be kept by themselves.  A lone glider can suffer from stress which can lead to depression, sickness and possible self mutilation.  Often times, a lone glider will refuse to bond with a new owner until they get a buddy for them.   We at My Little Sugar Glider do not believe that gliders should ever be alone.   It is not our policy to sell just one sugar glider, unless you already have one at home in need of a like-aged companion.


Pet Price $399



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