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Pet Ownership Vs. Breeding

We do not get these marvelous colors by pure luck alone.  There is research and years of experience behind us with it.  Not only are responsible breeders getting great colors, but we would not risk harming our animals by breeding too closely or incorrectly.   It takes each of us time to learn this information.

I will leave you with a link to a website from a former breeder, with some of the best information we have out there on sugar glider breeding and learning to read the pedigrees.  It will look very Greek to you and take a long time to fully understand.   If I am your mentor, I am here to guide and answer any and all of your questions.  If you have another good mentor, they can help your though this too:


Shelly no longer breeds sugar gliders, but is kind enough to continue to pay hosting on her website, so that everyone can benefit from this information.