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Our Shipping Policy was last updated 02/17/22.

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Thank you for visiting and shopping at My Little Sugar Glider.  The following terms and conditions constitute our Shipping Policy.

Domestic Shipping Policy

Shipment processing times

 All Orders are processed within 1-3 business days, if they are merchandise from the store only.  Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.  All store orders will be sent out with either USPS, UPS or Fed Ex.

If it is a live animal that you are waiting on, then shipping dates depend on when all animals are ready to go, and we have an agreed upon day that I will be traveling to the airport to send them. Live Animal shipments are provided by Delta Cargo Services, station to station.  This means you will need to be present at the specified cargo office, to pick up your live animals.  We will NEVER send live animals with the Post Office or with other shipping services, as it would be very dangerous for the animals, not to mention illegal.  Sometimes there is a delay in shipping due to weaning or scheduled surgeries and health certificates with the vet.  This will all be discussed with, and decided between My Little Sugar Glider and You.

Shipping rates and delivery estimates

We have a flat ship fee for all store merchandise only of $12.95 per order.

Rates for shipping live animals with Delta Cargo.  Rate includes airfare, vet health certificate, and ship safe crate.  Price will depend on how many gliders you purchase, as the vet will charge for every animal she must examine for the health certificate that the airlines will require for them to fly.  Health certificates are only good for a total of 10 days, so once we have gotten this done, time is of the essence to have them shipped.  These fees are not collected until about 2 weeks prior to the agreed upon ship date.

1-2 Sugar Gliders                                                                 $400

3 Sugar Gliders                                                                    $450

4 Sugar Gliders                                                                    $500

Add an additional $50 per sugar glider after.

We work very hard at making sure that we make the journey to Las Vegas to get your pets accepted and boarded on the plane, in a timely manner.  There can be times when the airlines cannot accept the animals due to weather or flight cancelations.  If this happens, we will make every attempt possible to rebook the flight, within the time frame of the health certificate.  We will do our best to get the animals out, but cannot be held responsible for issues arising from weather or if the airlines cancels any flights.

Overnight delivery of store merchandise is only available for Orders with delivery addresses within the continental United States.

Delivery delays can occasionally occur with any of the delivery service providers.

Shipment to PO boxes or APO/FPO addresses

My Little Sugar Glider ships within the US, US Territories and APO/FPO/DPO addresses.  As we are charging a flat fee for the shipping, sometimes, a box is too large to be sent with USPS.  If there is a significant difference in shipping fees, we will ask you for a physical address, so that we may be able to take advantage of lower rates with UPS or Fed Ex.

Shipment confirmation & Order tracking

You will receive Shipment Confirmation Email, once your Order has shipped containing your tracking number(s).  The tracking number will be active within 24 hours.

Customs, Duties and Taxes

My Little Sugar Glider is not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your Order.  All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes).


My Little Sugar Glider is not liable for any merchandise damaged or lost during shipping.  If You received Your Order damaged, please contact the shipment carrier to file a claim.  This is for store merchandise only.

Please save all packaging materials and damaged goods, before filing a claim.

We have been shipping out live sugar gliders with the airlines, for over 12 years.  I have never had any pet harmed in shipping.  However, there is always a chance that this can happen.  When My Little Sugar Glider purchases your airfare with Delta Cargo, it’s also including an insurance fee, based on the price you paid for your pets, so they are fully covered.  In the event something was to happen, we will be reimbursed by Delta Cargo.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Shipping Policy, You can contact Us:


Shipping in general can always be a challenge.  We breeders have to also play weathermen and women and try to get through the rules of the airlines as well.

When they are accepted at my Delta Cargo Office, they are traveled there in the luxury of the air conditioning or heat in my vehicle.  When I arrive at the Cargo Office, I carry them the short distance to the entrance of the building, where it’s temperate for humans.  They remain in this building until a special transport van arrives to take them to their assigned plane.  That van is also heated and cooled as needed.  The driver will wait at the plane with the animals, until attendants from the airplane come and carry them right into the cargo area.  In reality you would think that none of this would be an issue.  In the past it was not.  Long ago, I even used to ship sugar gliders out when it was 110 degrees outside, but the insurance companies of the airlines have recently laid down structured adherence to temperature guide lines that must be met.  They are shipped special planes with cargo areas that are pressurized, heated and cooled.  The inside of the plane is not the issue.  It’s the ambient temperature of the outside of the plane that now matters.

For several years, Delta now only accepts pets if the temperatures are not less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit or over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  In most cases during the summer, they have embargoes prohibiting the transport of animals, due to temperatures.

I am in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  I am 3 hours from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and 2.5 hours from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.  May through October can be very hot here.  We sometimes can catch flights that leave in the early hours of the morning before we get into our intense summer heat, but it doesn’t last long.  By Mid May, our temps rarely get under 90 even at night, so shipping from either of these airports is not an option.

Typically I ship out of Las Vegas as it is a little closer, but the only months I can do this are between October, to the early part of May.  After that it can get touchy, especially when other parts of the country are hot too, and if the plane lands at a time when your temps are over 80, the flight will not work either.

If there is a connecting flight, those temperatures on and off the plane, matter as well.

When I search for flights, I must not only look at the weather when the flight takes off in Las Vegas, but also when it arrives at the connecting airport, the temps when it leaves, and also the temps when it lands at your airport.   The airlines will also be doing this the morning I arrive to book them on the flight.  They will only use (which is NOAA).  No other weather service will be considered.  This is an FAA compliance.

In the good shipping months, I travel to the airport to ship once a month.

Summer shipping is very tricky.  But we do have some work arounds that could work, but circumstances need to be right at all points.

I do have access to a very good and conscientious USDA Approved transporter who comes to Arizona every couple of months.  We are lucky to get her a few times during the summer.  The cost for ground transport is about the same as Delta.   They will still require a vet health certificate per USDA rules of transport, just like the airline does.

The price to ship a pair with the airlines or with pet cargo is $400 which includes airfare, vet health certificate and crate. More gliders are going to cost a little more.  My vet charges and additional $50 for every glider over two that she must examine for the health certificate.  With the airlines, they arrive to you in less than 24 hours.   Ground pet transport does take longer, and it just depends on how many stops they have better my location and yours.

My gliders are worth the wait, and if you don’t mind this, then you will be satisfied with them.

I do my best to try to accommodate all, I simply do the best that I can.

Patience is something we must have as new glider owners anyway.    And maybe we just need to wait before we have them.  I have had people come to me from as far as Oregon, Colorado and Missouri to pick up their gliders to avoid the wait.  If you are adventurous enough for a road trip when  your chosen pair are ready, I would be glad to see you in Lake Havasu.  I can also arrange to meet you in Las Vegas or Phoenix for a travel fee.  We do have the London Bridge and the Lake, so there are some things to do if you come and stay a day or so.