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My experience with My Little Sugar Glider has been wonderful from the very start. I found MLSG in my search for information before I got my first sugar gliders. All of my initial questions were answered promptly, and in great detail. I chose to get my suggies from MLSG, because I could tell (by searching the information provided on the website) that educating potential sugar glider owners on proper care was very important to her. Once I was prepared to make the leap to sugar glider ownership, MLSG had already considered which gliders she had that would fit best into my family and home. Unfortunately, the retired breeders that we were arranging to have shipped to me had apparently squeezed in one last joey before the male was neutered. Knowing that I was ready, and couldn’t wait for the joey to wean, MLSG offered a trio of joeys with similar temperament and coloration to the retired breeding trio. I was impressed with her willingness to work around this unforeseen circumstance. Once I got my trio, I continued to have questions that MLSG was quick to answer. My trio has been easygoing since the day I got them, and they arrived in great health. We had no problems bonding, and I know it is because MLSG raises each joey with love. I would highly recommend MLSG to anyone that has done their research, and is ready to commit to suggie ownership.


 Danielle is the only sugar glider breeder I trust. She provides all necessary information needed in ensuring you have the healthiest, happiest new family member. Not only that, but she is always just a phone call or message away for any questions or concerns you might have. She ensures you are provided with all the information you need to immediately have the knowledge necessary in caring for your new sugar gliders. I have had my babies from her for 2+ years and still go to Danielle for questions or even just to say hi! They are absolutely the sweetest, most gentle sugar gliders I have come across yet. So happy to have found Danielle and her sugar gliders!

-Janelle Frampton (a very happy sugar glider owner from Arizona)

“The gliders I got from My Little Sugar Glider came to me healthy, VERY sweet, and exactly as they were advertised to be. I would not hesitate to go back to Danielle for another glider and I have recommended her to many people.  Danielle has become an invaluable glider knowledge resource to me and also a dear friend. I’m glad I met her and got my babies from her!”

-Hannah Lazaro, Island Gliders, Vinalhaven Island, Maine

“I am writing this to set “ANYONE’S” mind at ease!!! I love dealing with Danielle/My lil Sugar Gliders!! The application can be daunting but she really cares about her gliders!! She wants what is best for her “suggies” and how she can best help you!! 4 gliders, 2 large cages and lots of product later I am still totally HAPPY!! Her follow up customer service is superb!! Even a year later she is still answering my questions!!! As for handling your payments, she is totally trustworthy and secure!! I could go on…I love “MY LITTLE SUGAR GLIDERS!!!”

-Natalie Wilson, Fuzzybutt Treasures, Springfield, MO

“First off i’d like to thank you very much for a gorgeous baby :)! I appreciate all your help,advice and honesty. Just like Natalie put it they are def like pringles lol. When its time for more babies i will definitely be contacting you again. Thanks again!”


“I have been in contact with Danielle even before I decided to buy joeys from her. She has been patient, helpful, informative, and very generous with her knowledge and love for gliders. I have had the pleasure of meeting her in person on a couple of occasions and she is just as sweet in person as she is through e-mail! I bought two wonderful male joeys from her and also helped transport a joey or two to others back in MN (she was in IA at this time). She wants everyone to have a good experience and is always looking to make things a bit easier on others when we are traveling from a little distance. She took time out of her day to drive several hours each way to meet me with the joeys. I appreciate that more than she’ll ever know! My boys are sweet, handsome, and very healthy. Any time I’ve had questions (and I’ve had LOTS!), Danielle has always been very quick to answer them and very informative. I can always depend on her to be there for me when I’m needing to know more about gliders and if she doesn’t have the answer, she will find one for me. Thank you Danielle, you’re an amazing person and breeder. I have nothing but great things to say about you and have been happy to “spread the word” to others:)”

-Nicole K.

“Hi. I am writing to let you know I have been a customer of Danielle’s for awhile now and it was the best decision I have ever made. She is awesome. She was very helpful in every aspect of the process from answering questions that I had or even now if things arise that I need to know she is still there for me. You don’t just get the gliders and that’s it, you get a friend, too. Everything went very smoothly as far as shipping them to me. The gliders I bought, a trio arrived healthy and happy and still are. I would really truly recommend Danielle. If she can’t help you with something she will ,for sure, refer you to some one who will, if the need arise. I say, if you are looking for healthy well loved gliders go with Danielle!! :D big grin Have a blessed day.”

-Christina M. Cruz Mommy to Arianah 10, Marco 7, Dayshia 6, Destiny 6, Desiree 4, Ysabella 2, & Ylianah 1

“I got a male joey from Danielle and he is so sweet and playful and will always come to see what I am doing and if I have treat for him 🙂  Danielle has been wonderful in helping with any questions I may have or anything!! She is always willing to help!!! I would buy from her over and over again!!!  Danielle is a wonderful and caring person, I would highly recommend her as a breeder!!!  Thanks Danielle for such a wonderful boy!!!!!!”


“Working with My Little Sugar Glider has been a true blessing for me. Danielle is a relentless teacher, and demonstrates a great knowledge of her passion and the patience to share it. No question is a dumb one, but if there’s a misunderstanding she’ll explain until you are comfortable, and if there’s a important point to understand, she will get it across. I would say that I did my own research prior to getting gliders from her but I wasn’t truly done until after she answered all my questions. The gliders I got from her were more adaptable since being taught how to properly approach them and bond. The ups and downs in the bonding became understandable and less frustrating. I became aware that they were showing fear, not anger towards my hands….and arms, and legs, and neck, and back, and so on! To me, Danielle allowed me to have a healthy human-glider experience. The questions didn’t stop after they arrived either. That was over a year ago. Danielle still receives and answers my random questions, indulges to my thoughts about them, and converses about their current wellness. She receives updates and pictures and is the first I have always gone to with concerns ( and will be unless the vet would be required asap). I consider her a friend, teacher, and true guardian of the little one’s she shares with people. She acts always….For the Good of the Glider.”



I want to thank you for the awesome little ones that I got from you, Jubnuck and Darth Zash. They are not just my pets but part of my family and I love them very much. They are sweet and playful; they bring joy to my family and me. I also want to thank you because with the sale I didn’t just  get my suggies, but a friend. You are always there when I am worried about my suggies and I need advice or when I just want to share my excitement. I had the opportunity to visit your house and see by myself how well taken care of are all of your gliders and how much dedication and love you have put in to them. You are a great teacher, friend and breeder. It was great doing business with you,  I am looking forward to my next group of suggies FROM YOU!!

-Gina M. 

I got a breeding pair from Danielle just over a year ago, and she’s been great! She’s stayed interested in their well-being the whole time, unlike some breeders I’ve dealt with. She’s always happy to see new photos, and loves to see their joeys! Danielle was a joy to work with, and I can’t wait to get another joey from her 🙂

-Erika Eagle

Working with Danielle was a wonderful experience! She is a very sweet and patient woman. You can tell she takes great care of her gliders, and only wants the best homes for them. I love my sweet creme~ino mosaic ringtail I got from her. He was scared coming off the plane, but quickly became curious and friendly. 10/10 would definitely buy from again!
-Cris Stanley

My experience with My Little Sugar Glider has been nothing like what I expected. I expected to buy a pair of suggies and then I’d be on my own. That was far from what I actually received. What I got was a pair of healthy, hand raised joeys who came with step by step recipes and exact instruction on how to prepare their nightly meal. Sometimes the diet can be confusing because adding too much of something or not enough can harm your suggies. Danielle took the guesswork out of the equation. It’s a diet I trust and believe in. Another thing I really didn’t expect was Danielle answering my every question anytime I need. That alone has been so valuable to me. She has helped me become the suggie mom I wanted to be and without her I would have never achieved this goal. I feel very comfortable asking her anything and I trust her advice and experience and I know that she wants my sugar gliders to thrive as much as I do.

-Sara Schumer, Goodyear, Arizona

So it has officially been a week since my girlfriend and I picked up our first pair of gliders (Tyr & Zisa)!!! And since the very beginning of the process Danielle has been absolutely amazing!! She has taught us so much and is always available to answer our questions!! From the very first time I spoke with Danielle I could tell she truly cares for these animals and wants to make sure they are going to a great home!! I absolutely recommend MyLittleSugarGliders to anyone looking to own gliders!! Just know that you are in great hands here!!

Mark Mauro, Phoenix, Arizona

I am a first time sugar glider owner and Working with Danielle has been absolutely amazing! She is so knowledgeable and helpful. I have gotten 5 joeys from her and getting any additional one from her in January. I fully trust in her expertise of these amazing lil babies and she has always been extremely helpful with any questions or concerns I have had. I highly recommend Danielle – My Little Sugar Glider. Her gliders are so cute/sweet and healthy. I couldn’t be more happy with the gliders I have gotten from her. Thank you so very much Danielle for everything!

Kristi Houck, Chandler, Arizona