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True Platinum Mosaic


True Platinum Mosaics (or TPM’s) are similar to the Creme~ino Mosaic in which the animal is displaying 2 color traits.  The first would be the recessive gene of the Platinum in which both parents must contribute to get this coloration.  The second gene trait is the Dominant Mosaic gene in which one parent needs to be a Mosaic.  As with all Platinums, the coloration can range from the light colored Silverbelles, to Red Platinum as well as Dark Platinum.

Special Remarks:

First example is Captain Fantastic.  He is the Silverbelle variety of True Platinum Mosaic.   The 2nd example is Island Girl, his litter~mate sister who is the Red Variety of True Platinum Mosaic.  Their father is a Silverbelle True Platinum Mosaic and their mother is a Leucistic.