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Lunar Wheel Black Silver


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Introducing, The Lunar Wheel.

  • Designed by a graphics designer, with the input of an experienced breeder.
  • The wheels are very safe. They have no axle (for tail-safe running), and glide very smoothly.
  • The back of the wheel and the track are one solid piece.
  • No more attempting to line up a wheel track with two slots. You no longer have a separate track that can slip out of the wheel and injure your glider while running.
  • Sealed bearings will last a long time, and provide a smooth running experience.
  • There is a solidly made cap covering the hardware on the inside of the wheel, to keep toes safe.
  • The inside track is ribbed for them to grip easily while running.
  • It is light weight and can easily be washed in warm, soapy dishwater in your sink.
  • The wheels measures 11.5 inches in diameter. Perfect for either a growing joey or a full sized adult.
  • The wheel is mounted to the side of your cage with a wheel mount with a good grip, that will not come loose and fall, injuring your glider.
  • Wheels were tested and approved by the gliders at My Little Sugar Glider.

Color is Black and Silver.