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Caramels are a beautiful sugar glider, but from a different country than our regular Petaurus breviceps.   Caramel’s Latin name is Petaurus breviceps Flavidus.   They are a different sub-species from the rest of the sugar gliders found here.  We cannot interbred them with our sugar gliders, as it will cause sterility in the lines.

Our line of Caramels are from imported stock, and are pure Caramel.  No other line will be added to them.

Caramels are traditional Caramel color and varying shades of browns and grays.  They have large ears, which makes them simply look larger.  They have interesting traits such as having a prehensile tail and they use it to forage and carry toys and other items to their sleeping pouch.

In the gallery are photos of MacBeth and Ophelia.  Top photo is one of their offspring.

Special Remarks:

First photo is of  baby Iris.  Second photo is of MacBeth.  Third photo is of mother Ophelia.  Very sweet.  Some of the sounds they make are slightly different than that of the traditional sugar glider.